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When it rains, it pours. The cable guy came yesterday and fixed the problem in, like, five minutes. However, when we turned on the computer to finally use it it tells us that the hard drive crashed. Upon reading this, I simultaneously cried and shit my pants because I realized that my summer assignments which took me weeks to do were now gone. Vanished forever like Jimmy Hoffa.

Luckily, my bald and bespectacled guardian angel (my mom's techie friend) came to the rescue and extracted all the important stuff from my old hard drive onto a spare computer. Yes, he has spare computers... awesome, right? The only problem is that now he has my old computer and he's planning on trying to get more stuff out of it and will probably find my secret stash of hilarious pornos. While I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of bizarre and unusual sex acts on film (think gorilla suits and morbidly obese people), I'm fairly sure my mom will check me into some kind of sexaholics anonymous program. Either that, or she'll give me that talk about how it's normal to feel curious, but not really normal to look at naked grandmas popping balloons. The fact that it's for laughs when my friends come over and we're under the influence is sure to escape her completely.

Anyway, I have 2526363523 things to do on this computer and, like, 3 days to do it so I'm gonna go get started. Wish me luck and hope that nothing else ridiculous happens to me in the next few days...
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