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First party of the year on Friday night! I'm so happy. It's being thrown by someone that I used to be really close with but drifted away from so I'm excited. Unfortunately, the two guys I'm kind of digging lately aren't going.

Speaking of aforementioned guys, what is with my sudden love for jocks? I used to hate them with a violent passions. Especially our school's varsity lacrosse team since they were always the biggest assholes to everyone. But this time? Both the guys I think are wayyy hot and that I want are football-ers AND lacrosse stars. Whoa.

I didn't get the position I wanted on the school paper. It's okay though since I'm an entertainment columnist and that's basically what I want to do when I grow up. I think my first article is going to be on tv shows who have overcome cancellation (eg. family guy, firely) and how this new trend is starting to affect the way tv stations choose their programming. I have to think of some other topics as well but that was the first one that stood out in my mind.

OMGGILMOREGIRLSTONIGHT!!!! OMGOMGOMG. Me=loser. Rory better stop being such a little bitch or I'm going to write some fanfiction in which she gets beaten severely with something heavy. Just kidding, but if I don't see some evidence that there was at one time a cool Rory (a la seasons one, two, and three) and a reason for me to support Rory/Logan, I might not watch the season. Haha, you all know I'm so lying. GG is my addiction.

AAAAAAAAAH 150 question take home test for AP US History, with retardedly obscure questions like "What did Miles Standish have for breakfast the morning the Mayflower set sail?"
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