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art of losing

The art of losing isn't hard to master; so many things seem filled with the intent to be lost that their loss is no disaster.
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[Tuesday the 20th
[ mood | pissed off ]

Why does my journalism teacher have so be such a shithead? He's always so fucking righteous and I just can't stand it.

I'm sitting in journalism at one of the computers typing up what will eventually be an article about the new school attendance database (eschooldata.com) and fact-checking a statement made by a teacher about period-by-period attendance being required by the NCLB Act (No Child Left Behind, or what shall henceforth be referred to as Nasty Cock Licking Bastard Act). My teacher, who's bald and looks like a walking dildo, comes up and starts reading over my shoulder. That's fine since it's I'm looking at a government website instead of my usual 9th period porn binge.

He turns to me and he's like, "That's wrong. NCLB is only about special-education kids so I don't see how that pertains to what you said." I explain to him that I'm just following up on a lead I got from a teacher saying that our use of eschooldata relates to the Nasty Cock Licking Bastard Act and I want to make sure I'm not missing something useful to include. Plus I also add that there seems to be a lot more to the Nasty Cock Licking Bastard Act than just information about special needs kids. It's about teacher qualifications, minority needs, state aid, etc.

He looks at me with an expression of disgust and goes, "So you really believe everything you see on the news?"

This is fucking stupid for a few reason. The first reason is that we are a newspaper so a condescending comment about the press seems a wee bit hypocritical. The second is that since I'm not a teacher or administrator and I've had better things to do in the past year than sit down and read a forty page government decree, the only way I would know about the Nasty Cock Licking Bastard Act is through press coverage. The third is that I'm actually looking at the act, so now I'm not just believing what the news says, I'm believing what the actual act says. I can't get better information than that.

I'm now going to go continue reading the forty page government act so that in case it does pop up in there, I won't get in trouble for leaving out a major connection between school and national news.

Fucking dildo.

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News Bulletin of Jenniferrr's Life [Monday the 19th
[ mood | busy ]

I caved and got a premade layout. It's by tillyness. They make realllllly cute layouts. I kept trying to make something creative, but I just have no time and I couldn't look at the old one so I just had to change it. I have photoshop and stuff now though so as soon as school calms down a little bit we'll see if I can make something myself.

My good friend Rob burned me 3453452 cd's a lost from when all my music disappeared. YESSSS!

I was at float construction for five hours today straight from school. I'm such a school spirit rock star.

My math teacher is the funniest man who ever lived. If he wasn't gay, I'd say we should get married, because anyone who can make me laugh like that on a regular basis is godly.

I wrote a character sketch for creative writing, which I'll probably post here later. It's nothing special but it's not dog shit either.


My friend Kaitlin is going to be on Date My Mom. Sweeeet!

My life is so boring that it can be explained in a series of brief sentences.

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[Saturday the 17th
Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

1. My favorite movie is Forrest Gump.
2. I wear jeans basically every day.
3. My favorite band is Something Corporate.
4. I want to be a writer someday.
5. I'm over 5'7" tall.
6. I cried at the Season 1 OC Finale.
7. My little sister is the coolest, most original person I know.
8. I'm ashamed of some of the stuff I've done in the past.
9. I can accept the fact that I'll be ashamed of stuff I do in the future, too.
10. After high school ends, I'm moving to Los Angeles with my best friend in the world.
11. I'm not really a meme person, but I got tagged so what the hell.
12. I cry a lot when I'm alone.
13. The only thing I really like to do is sleep.
14. Veronica Mars is my favorite TV show.
15. Gilmore Girls is also a favorite.
16. I can't save money to save my life.
17. I dye my hair about a million times each year. It's amazing that I have any.
18. I watch old movies when I'm upset over something because there, everything is simpler.
19. I love wearing sunglasses.
20. My favorite season is summer.

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sm [Tuesday the 13th
[ mood | SO HUNGRY! ]

First party of the year on Friday night! I'm so happy. It's being thrown by someone that I used to be really close with but drifted away from so I'm excited. Unfortunately, the two guys I'm kind of digging lately aren't going.

Speaking of aforementioned guys, what is with my sudden love for jocks? I used to hate them with a violent passions. Especially our school's varsity lacrosse team since they were always the biggest assholes to everyone. But this time? Both the guys I think are wayyy hot and that I want are football-ers AND lacrosse stars. Whoa.

I didn't get the position I wanted on the school paper. It's okay though since I'm an entertainment columnist and that's basically what I want to do when I grow up. I think my first article is going to be on tv shows who have overcome cancellation (eg. family guy, firely) and how this new trend is starting to affect the way tv stations choose their programming. I have to think of some other topics as well but that was the first one that stood out in my mind.

OMGGILMOREGIRLSTONIGHT!!!! OMGOMGOMG. Me=loser. Rory better stop being such a little bitch or I'm going to write some fanfiction in which she gets beaten severely with something heavy. Just kidding, but if I don't see some evidence that there was at one time a cool Rory (a la seasons one, two, and three) and a reason for me to support Rory/Logan, I might not watch the season. Haha, you all know I'm so lying. GG is my addiction.

AAAAAAAAAH 150 question take home test for AP US History, with retardedly obscure questions like "What did Miles Standish have for breakfast the morning the Mayflower set sail?"

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[Monday the 12th
[ mood | moody and inarticulate ]

The faculty advisors for the juniors (or Class of 2007, as we're more commonly referred to as) are so stupid sometimes I can actually see it shooting out their ears and contaminating the air. Homecoming is September 23rd, and our float isn't even in the beginning stages of construction yet so naturally our president called a meeting to go down to the firehouse and start setting up framework. We've been folding tissues and getting the materials, but the most difficult parts are yet to come. Anyway, we get a slammin' turnout today (it's difficult to get volunteers since float usually conflicts with varsity sports) and then my evil whore bitch of an advisor, The Gecko, comes in and tells us that do to the fact that her and the other two advisors have "real lives, real careers, and real responsibilities", we can't work today. Not for nothing, but does she think that I have a fake life and fake responsibilities? It sucks staying after school all the time but sometimes you have to do it to accomplish things. You'd think she would get it.

This probably seems out of character for me, but I was just thinking today about how much I miss Nick. FOr those of you who don't know, Nick used to be one of my best friends. However, we had this big huge dramatic fight and now we can't even be in the same room together without him either projectile vomiting or leaving. He thinks that because I'm the one who made the mistake, its so easy for me to just forget about being friends. But he should know that I never, ever meant to hurt him. Not for a second.

We would talk on the phone for hours about nothing. He introduced me to my [now ex]boyfriend, who I was completely crazy about. When I had problems with the aforementioned boyfriend, he would listen patiently while I sobbed about it on the phone. I could tell him anything.

The worst part is that while I always told him he could tell me anything, he couldn't. He told me this big secret and I opened my even bigger mouth and ruined everything in a matter of days. He must think its easy for me to live with that. Well, it's not. To lose my best friend, the friendship of my ex who I was still totally close with, to have people constantly talking about me (all the while with me knowing that I deserved all of it). I don't care if people spread lies about me, but when they are telling the truth it hurts like fuck.

Whatever, I can't think about it anymore. Everytime I see him at his locker or getting onto the bus I just want to apologize and make everything better, but I can't. It just sucks really bad.

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"Bang a left at the wicked retaaaaaahded kid." [Sunday the 11th
[ mood | cheerful ]

I never made a formal back-to-school post, but I didn't think it was really necessary since I hate school and my teachers make up one motley crew. I mean, I have a morbidly obese gay English teacher, a choir teacher who has the voice of a seven year old girl (despite being a male) and who makes ridulous faces to demonstrate mouth positioning, a really horny leprechaun for journalism, an ex-hippie with an asymetrical haircut for health, and a vicious gay precalculus teacher with a penchant for computer games involving goldfish and/or fairies.

The subject line of this entry basically has nothing to do with anything, it was just my choir teacher's impression of the accent his daughter acquired while going to college in Boston. It's the new quote of the week.

While I did not approve of Marissa's new wonder-weave, I must admit that the OC did not disappoint. I admire the way that they solve major problems in forty minutes or less (not counting the commercials). Ohhhh how I love it <3.

I am in love with this icon. It's by allthingsgood and the colors make me happy.

I was out with my friends last night and randomly happened on the student discount (twenty percent off!!!!) at Borders so I bought Fight Club and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim so now I feel all happy inside.

I'm off to make a "me collage" for creative writing (what the fuck?) and fill out my application for Entertainment/Culture Editor of the school newspapers. I'm so preppy sometimes it hurts me.

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[Saturday the 10th
I kept meaning to post but I just felt like everything I had to say was stupid. It felt like me complaining about not having photoshop would seem so petty compared to the people that have nothing and were, like, trapped in a gymnasium with a bunch of floating corpses. So for a week or so, I just didn't update about anything.

School started on Wednesday. In case you were wondering, it still sucks.

I don't really have anything else to say here, I just... I don't know. Whatever.
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[Thursday the 1st
[ mood | exhausted ]

When it rains, it pours. The cable guy came yesterday and fixed the problem in, like, five minutes. However, when we turned on the computer to finally use it it tells us that the hard drive crashed. Upon reading this, I simultaneously cried and shit my pants because I realized that my summer assignments which took me weeks to do were now gone. Vanished forever like Jimmy Hoffa.

Luckily, my bald and bespectacled guardian angel (my mom's techie friend) came to the rescue and extracted all the important stuff from my old hard drive onto a spare computer. Yes, he has spare computers... awesome, right? The only problem is that now he has my old computer and he's planning on trying to get more stuff out of it and will probably find my secret stash of hilarious pornos. While I like to think of myself as a connoisseur of bizarre and unusual sex acts on film (think gorilla suits and morbidly obese people), I'm fairly sure my mom will check me into some kind of sexaholics anonymous program. Either that, or she'll give me that talk about how it's normal to feel curious, but not really normal to look at naked grandmas popping balloons. The fact that it's for laughs when my friends come over and we're under the influence is sure to escape her completely.

Anyway, I have 2526363523 things to do on this computer and, like, 3 days to do it so I'm gonna go get started. Wish me luck and hope that nothing else ridiculous happens to me in the next few days...

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WOE IS ME. [Tuesday the 30th
[ mood | bitchy ]

Um, my cable is out which means no TV and no computer. I feel like the fucking Amish. I should be back to a normal 21st century lifestyle by Thursday. I think. I hope.

I hate the computers at the public library :(.

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It's better than a sexy-moan-off... [Friday the 26th
[ mood | devious ]

God is definitely punishing me for all the times I kicked puppies or made fun of fat people. I keep running into this one person who I can not tolerate and who likewise can't tolerate me. He was my best friend of the opposite sex for four years and he's the only person I've ever had a falling out with that was so massive we couldn't even breathe the same air as one another.

First I saw him at Applebee's, which is somewhat expected since it's our town's equivalent of The Peach Pit. We did one of those really awkward things where we looked at each other and had to decide whether to have a Britney-Justin danceoff or just ignore one another and take an interest in the extremely interesting carpeting. There was no danceoff this time.

The second time was at Spoon, this coffehouse where one of my friends works. It's this pseudo-intellectual hellhole that has grossly overpriced drinks and is constantly swarmed with twelve year olds, vicious homosexuals, and vicious twelve year old homosexuals. I go in there for some cheesecake with a friend and who do I spot? Not a vicious twelve year old homosexual, that's for sure. NICK. And he's sitting with the queen of vicious homosexuals, George. George is forever trying to pair things that don't match and wearing too much hair product. He would gladly beat the shit out of me with a blunt object if Nick asked. We eyed each other and then they paid their check and left. Still no danceoff.

Then, I'm shopping at H&M yesterday when all of a sudden my best friend is like "Person Most Likely to Kill You and Make It Look Like An Accident at six o'clock." She constantly insists on saying stuff like that even though she knows that I can only read a digital clock and can therefore not figure out where anyone is. So I look over my shoulder (hoping I'm not looking in the total wrong direction) and there he is, which his stupid transformer girlfriend. We call her the transformer because she's six feet tall (he's like... 5'5) and can probably shoot laser beams out of her eyes. One look, and he shoots out of the store.


P.S. - My parents are dragging me to a pig-roast upstate. I don't even think I have to say anything else to convince you why this is just SO ridiculous.

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